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Earth Day action!


In celebration of Earth Day, April 22nd, millions of people around the world will do things a little differently to preserve resources and lighten their footprint on the Earth. Here are some ideas for ways you can celebrate. 1. Get your hands dirty! Volunteering is a great way to contribute on Earth Day and meet […]

Chicago: Green Roofs Make the City Cooler


In summer, cities are hotter than surrounding rural areas because tall buildings and paved streets soak up and hold in the sun’s heat. One way to deal with rising temperatures is to plant gardens on tops of buildings. Here is a slide show of rooftop gardens in the city of Chicago. These green oases […]

Warmer World Book Trailer!


Habitats on the Move


As the world grows warmer, plants and animals sometimes have to move to find cooler habitats.  In Arizona, the rare Mt. Graham red squirrel lives in mountain forests above 8,500 feet.  Now climate change threatens its survival. If the climate grows warmer, the forests will change and force the squirrels to adapt or go extinct. […]

Climate Change Before Our Eyes: cool museums for summer exploring


Climate change is happening right now! It is making our oceans warmer and more acidic, increasing the frequency of extreme weather events, changing patterns of wildlife behavior, and more.  You can see how this is happening in dramatic photos and a revolving slide show in a special exhibit at the Nature Research Center in the […]

The Island President


Don’t tell President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives that you cannot stop Global Warming.  One man making a difference…  

No Poles for the Dinosaurs


We thank the fine folks at Archimedes Notebook for interviewing A Warmer World author, Caroline Arnold on their “hands-on science exploration for children and their parents” website. “Arnold started thinking about this book a few years ago when she was writing about pterosaurs. “I found an article describing the discovery in Antarctica of both dinosaur […]

mapping ideas


I’ve always been drawn to maps. They are full of strange shapes and colors and represent distant places or maybe the back yard. We’ve had lots of fun looking at Google Maps. The ability to zoom in and out provides a certain kind of magic. Have you ever drawn a map of your day? Or […]

Are you a Bigfoot in disguise?


This curious artifact was spotted at the International Cryptozoology  Museum in Portland, Maine. Bigfoot could actually serve as a handy mascot for the concerns around climate change. Plenty of people don’t believe such a creature exists, and yet others do. Many people don’t think climate change is happening, while others do. Whatever your persuasion, let’s […]

Warmer World Action Alert: Mad March Weather


While it is awesome to hit the beach, the parks, and the woods in March, it does seem pretty weird, right? Journalists have been asking scientists all month, “Is this Global Warming?” No on can agree, of course, as there unusual weather fronts this month, but…the United States has broken 7,000 temperature records this month!  […]