Habitats on the Move

Climate Lab at the Chabot Space and Science Museum, Oakland, CA

As the world grows warmer, plants and animals sometimes have to move

to find cooler habitats.  In Arizona, the rare Mt. Graham red squirrel lives

in mountain forests above 8,500 feet.  Now climate change threatens its survival.

If the climate grows warmer, the forests will change and force the squirrels to

adapt or go extinct. At the Chabot Space and Science Museum in Oakland, California,

you can learn about Earth’s changing climate from Bill Nye the Science Guy in the

interactive exhibits in the newly opened Climate Lab.

Moving habitats in the Climate Lab

At the Habitats on the Move exhibit you can put animals into their appropriate

habitats by matching the colors of their labels to the bands in the pyramid.

What do you think happens to the animals at the top when their habitat becomes too warm?

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