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ocean’s fury


When crossing the ocean by ferry this morning to Portland, islanders were talking about how COLD it’s getting. Have we not noticed it’s November already? I’ve got geraniums still in bloom in our window boxes! Something’s not right. Almost a year ago, Superstorm Sandy came and went. Briefly, the topic of climate change came ashore, […]

World Oceans Day!


Celebrate World Oceans Day today! Go here to find out what’s happening near you. I live and work on the edge of the ocean, and my daughter crosses Casco Bay twice a day to go to school. My way of celebrating this day is to walk along the beach and pick up any plastic or […]

Warmer World Action Alert: Mad March Weather


While it is awesome to hit the beach, the parks, and the woods in March, it does seem pretty weird, right? Journalists have been asking scientists all month, “Is this Global Warming?” No on can agree, of course, as there unusual weather fronts this month, but…the United States has broken 7,000 temperature records this month!  […]