From Polar Bears to Butterflies,
How Climate Change Affects Wildlife

By Caroline Arnold
Illustrated by Jamie Hogan
Published by Charlesbridge

Available in Paperback & Hardcover

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Adapt, or face extinction.

The golden toad used to inhabit the cloud forests of Costa Rica, but when the weather became too warm and dried up the pools where its eggs hatched, the golden toad disappeared. It has not been seen in more than twenty years. This amphibian is just one of several species in A Warmer World, a thought-provoking and informative account of how global climate change has affected wildlife over the past several decades.

Species by species, acclaimed nonfiction children’s author Caroline Arnold describes how warmer weather alters ecosystems, forcing animals to adapt or become extinct. Arnold’s clear and straightforward text is complemented by Jamie Hogan’s collage-style illustrations. Reminiscent of a nature journal, the book will inspire readers to start their own research into this significant global issue.

A glossary and listing of websites and books for further exploration is included.

Life science, animals and their environment, nonfiction informational text, scientific vocabulary, cause and effect relationships, global warming and climate change, pollution, environmentalism

• Winner of National Science Teacher Association (NSTA)
Outstanding Trade Books for Students K-12
• National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) Recommends
• A Junior Library Guild Selection

“Caroline Arnold’s book is ideal for young readers learning about climate change for the first time. The book is filled with concrete examples of the effects of climate…This is a thought–provoking book with extremely rich illustrations. I would recommend this book to the young reader. In addition to the beautifully colored pages, a glossary is included along with a few websites and books that contain additional information for those interested. This book would make a great addition to the elementary teachers library.” –NSTA Recommends

“Hogan handsomely portrays the animals using charcoal pencil and pastel. Arnold doesn’t sugarcoat the potential effects of climate change, plainly stating that the “loss in biodiversity could be devastating.” –Publishers Weekly

“With clear explanations and bright, handsome collage artwork, this picture book packs in a lot about the effects of global warming on particular animals and the connections between them. …The visual details bring the concepts close, from images of a butterfly in flight or the final view of an arctic fox with a factory belching black smoke in the background. A glossary and suggested resources conclude.”  –Booklist


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