Are you a Bigfoot in disguise?

This curious artifact was spotted at the International Cryptozoology  Museum in Portland, Maine. Bigfoot could actually serve as a handy mascot for the concerns around climate change. Plenty of people don’t believe such a creature exists, and yet others do. Many people don’t think climate change is happening, while others do. Whatever your persuasion, let’s put ourselves in his, um, shoes.

Found at the International Cryptozoology Museum

How big is your carbon foot print? And what really does that term mean? if you visit TerraPass, they will walk you through how much carbon-based fuel you use.

Just noticing the measure of our carbon footprint is a giant step for the planet.

And don’t forget! Tomorrow night YOU can take action for our planet in the Earth Hour that begins at 8:30 PM, Saturday, March 31.

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